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Bucks Poker/Corporate Poker

Texas Hold'em Poker has gained huge popularity in recent years and is an exciting game that attracts experienced players along with novices. It is a game of chance and skill much like any other casino game. You have seen the game played by celebrities around the world and on TV such as Mr Bond, a debonair, frequent and proficient player.

Viva Vegas Australia can bring the excitement of a Texas Hold'em Poker game or tournament in a 007 atmosphere, a Las Vegas Casino or a Bucks Night at home with the topless girls and strippers.

Our professional Texas Hold'em Poker dealers are experts whether you are already experienced in playing the game or a complete novice.

Be transformed by Viva Vegas into the magical world of Texas Hold'em Poker. With the world series tables and large Texas Hold'em clock. Viva Vegas can provide the setting, the excitement, the dazzling girls and the limelight into your wild Texas Hold-em Poker experience.